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New customers

Labels connects you with thousands of new local customers

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Deliver to your customers faster than Zalando & emissions free

75% of consumers would love to shop local

Promote your products on Labels Marketplace, deliver to your customers in minutes with our 0 emissions & packaging-free delivery fleet. In the meantime, simply focus on your local business.

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Reach new customers.

3 million inhabitants for just a handful of local stores in Berlin. Based on our research 85% of our target group would rather shop local. We're making that happen, but we need you! By joining Labels you reach out to all of them.

Deliver to your customers in minutes.

Your physical location is your biggest strength. When an order is placed, our lovely delivery fleet will pick up the order from your store and deliver it to your customer within minutes. That's faster than Amazon and Zalando
- by days!

A step towards sustainability.

Sustainability is at the core of Labels. We are committed to giving you the tools and all the support and knowledge we and our partners can give for your transition towards sustainability and circular practices. Sustainable businesses have preferred rates on Labels, please fill in our Labels Assessment Form
to learn more.

The future of retail is connected.

Labels is an invitation to rethink and rebuild a caring community around the world made of local entities starting in Berlin. Labels gives the opportunity for local businesses to reconnect with local customers.

Pay only when you sell, simple and transparent


Transaction fee


Variable fee up to*

We highly reward stores, and creators reaching the maximum score of 3 on our sustainable index. Fees can go down to 10% instead of 30%. We encourage you to fill in our sustainable assessment form in order for us to assess your level of commitment toward sustainable and circular practices, not filling in the assessment results in higher fees up to 30%.

How it works

Let's keep it simple and free.
We take care of everything: from listing your products on Labels to delivering orders to your customers in minutes with our fleet.
Simply focus on what you love doing most.


Quick setup

Creating your store is risk free and easy. For that you simply need to have at least one physical location in Berlin and have your products available for us to pick up at your store. Bonus points for sustainable business practices, you'll receive our preferred rates for implementing circular practices and showing your impact on the environment and people.


Sync your products

If you have an e-commerce store using Shopify, Shopware, Magento, Wordpress... Etc. We can synchronize all your products to Labels in minutes. As well as uploading products directly on Labels manually.


Link your bank account

Linking your bank account is 100% secured, safe, and takes 2 minutes. Thanks to the technology of Stripe, we can pay you instantly whenever someone orders something on Labels from your store. Stripe is an industry standard, enabling instant and safe transfers. We give 1% to support climate change mitigation programs on all transactions, as part of the Stripe Climate Programm.


Get your stickers

Congratulations! You've made it so far, soon we will deliver a welcome package of stickers and a detailed description of our impact goals, which you make possible to achieve.


Get your first orders 🎉

This is when we start to have fun. Once all your products are live on Labels you can start selling and getting your first orders. All orders will appear in real time on your Labels merchant app.

Tools to thrive in your city

Promote your products on Labels Marketplace, deliver to your customers in minutes with our 0 waste & 0 emissions delivery fleet. In the meantime simply focus on your local business thriving.

Labels Pro

Everything you need to start selling to your local customers.

No additional monthly fees.


Deliver faster than Amazon and Zalando.
0 waste & 0 emissions

Click n' Collect

Your customers can pick up or have their products delivered.


Sell and promote your products locally on Labels Marketplace.

Try On

Let your customers try clothes on to avoid returns, save CO2 and waste.

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Labels Pro+

An expanded set of tools to help jump-start growth
and cultivate your brand.

299€ / Month

Integrated Instadelivery

Integrate Instadelivery directly on your e-commerce store.

Reward program

Reward your most loyal customers.

Fan membership

Create fan memberships with exclusive offers.

White label page

A white label page to fully customize your Labels Store.

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Frequently asked questions

How and when do I get paid?

You can choose. You can get paid instantly on every order or every week, month, quarters if you want to simplify your finances. This is up to you, but we usually recommend monthly payouts.

Is there any long-term contract between Labels and the brands?

Not at all, you can close your Labels store whenever you want.

Who issues invoices & delivery notes to the customers?

We do, Labels takes care of everything, invoices, delivery updates and support.

What if my items are on demand and not in stock ready to be delivered instantly?

One of the ways we try to differentiate Labels from the competition is through instant carbon-neutral deliveries, but we also love and surely accept stores and designers who do on-demand production. We simply inform the customer in advance that your item is on demand, and that it will take X number of days to be ready.

It is possible to set the store on pause?

Yes, you can set your store to pause whenever you want. Let's say you make on-demand limited items, you can pause when you are done.

Who is liable in case the goods arrive damaged?

Labels is completely responsible for damages during transportation from the moment our delivery agent picks up the order.

Is Labels meant for B2B or B2C customers, or both?

For now, we only connect local businesses to local customers. But in the future we will connect local businesses with other businesses and brands who want to showcase their items in physical spaces. We'd also like to link local suppliers with local designers and brands to relocalize production and shorten the overall supply chains emissions.

Do I have to update the inventory on Labels manually?

If you sign up to Labels using your e-commerce store like Shopify or WooCommerce, then your entire inventory and orders are synced both ways with your online store so, there is no need to update anything manually. All changes made on your online store will be made automatically on Labels. You manage everything in one place!

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