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Despite the vast opportunities and innovations that were created through fast fashion and instant delivery services in the last twenty years, their devastating effects for our planet and for our society are undeniable and more prevalent than ever. Global supply chains with huge emissions, poorly paid labour with toxic working conditions, delivery people who work extremely hard and are treated unfairly, poor quality clothes that are thrown away after being bought yesterday, local businesses that have to shut down because big business is expanding recklessly. We all know about those headlines, but still nothing seems to happen and the problems only worsen.

By taking action now, we created Labels to commit to changing the way we consume and deliver. Our goal is to make consumption local again, diversifying consumption models, educating consumers and taking responsibility for our actions as a business to empower consumers, brands, creators and services. Global challenges have to be tackled locally, which is our purpose at Labels.

How do we do that?

We committed to three impact goals that are vital to reach our goal and to change the way we consume and distribute, by joining our platform as a brand or consumer you are contributing directly to the following:

1. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions

As every enterprise should do, we commit to being emission-free to take on our responsibility as a business to contribute actively to climate change mitigation, to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

For that, we created an instant delivery service that has 0 emissions and 0 packaging.

2. Strengthening the local economy

Global problems occur on a local scale. Hence, strengthening local resilience is key, which is why we provide local brands the opportunity to gain visibility, get discovered, and sell their products on our platform. In a globalised world, the vast majority of local products gets lost easily, which is why we want to shift back the focus to local solutions and businesses.

3. Creating awareness about global challenges

As a purpose-driven business, we seek to increase consciousness about global issues and sustainability through constant information that is provided on various platforms including articles, podcasts, social media etc. Every business has the responsibility to provide information about the impact of their products and services, which is why we commit to bring information to the customer. With our impact assessment, we classify companies in our three levels of sustainability. That creates the opportunity for brands to see if they have to revise, improve or sustain their sustainability practices. With our constant feedback we reward sustainable behaviour by lower fees for companies that are really committed to sustainable development.

Our ultimate goal is to tackle sustainable solutions sector by sector and find the most efficient solutions that are currently possible in order to close the loop and enable a circular economy.
We believe in harmonious business, this means a business that brings incredible value with a product or service to the customer and at the same time represents strong values for human rights, the benefit of our environment, and stimulates the local economy.
We believe in the power of Reimagining Capitalism in a World on Fire through creating visionary businesses that bring simplicity and convenience to people's lives. Furthermore, we created a Sustainability Assessment for stores joining our platform, in order to measure their impact and support their sustainable development.

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